Community Qi Gong
12:00 pm12:00

Community Qi Gong

  • Abbott Park

Qi Gong is a gentle healing practice. Harmonizing fluid movement, with breath control and mental focus, the practice of qi gong yields subtle and powerful benefits for the mind, body and soul.

May 21

Wim Hof in Vancouver!

Wim Hof is coming to Vancouver!

Put it in your calendar folks. Wim Hof is bringing his unique methods to Vancouver for a full day event.  If you're interested in going, Lofty Muse is willing to organize a road trip! Sign up now at using the Cloud Mine link to reserve your spot. The Wim Hof event is Sunday May 21.

If there's enough interest, we'll be organizing lofty events before Wim's event to make it an unforgettable experience! Stay connected to this space as details are added.

Let's get lofty Musers!

December 8, 2016

UPDATE: Just found out that there are no group rate discounts.  So, to keep things simple, individuals will be responsible for securing your ticket to the event. If we can get a group of six or more together in time, Lofty will organize the rest of the trip details.

Contemplative Prayer for Enquiring Minds
7:30 pm19:30

Contemplative Prayer for Enquiring Minds

What is Christian mysticism? What is contemplative prayer? Good question. Especially if you don't have the answer.

Here's what Wikipedia says...
In discursive meditation, mind and imagination and other faculties are actively employed in an effort to understand our relationship with God.[3][4] In contemplative prayer, this activity is curtailed, so that contemplation has been described as "a gaze of faith", "a silent love".[5]

Yeah. Probably one of those things that needs to be experienced more than talked about. See you there!

1:30 pm13:30

Mill Creek Waterfall : Wim Hof Method


Join the Lofty Muse on December 22.  We will be practicing the Wim Hof method at Mill Creek regional park.  There is an approximately 1 km walk over easy terrain to access the waterfall. 


This is an advanced event.  We reserve the right to invite participants based on their experience in extreme cold conditions, and give preference to those with prior experience with the Wim Hof Method.  If you are new to the Lofty Muse, please use Cloud Mine to register and enter your details.

While we are facilitating this event for a small group, prepare yourself to be completely self-reliant. We are not responsible for your safety, and due to the extreme nature of the practice, it is important to consider your personal risk-tolerance for extreme cold conditions. Preference will be given to those who are bringing a spotter, to guide them and ensure their safety.

Suggested preparation:

Warm, loose fitting clothing. (toque, scarf, mitts, blanket or poncho.)

Footwear. We advise against Blundstones or other slip on footwear, due to lack of dexterity after immersion. Loose fitting sneakers or Sorels work best.

Towels and a blanket. To dry yourself, and to have a designated area to lay out your belongings.

6:00 pm18:00

Cold Water Immersion Therapy : Wim Hof Method

Just like Lake Okanagan, right?!

Just like Lake Okanagan, right?!

In anticipation for the Musers road trip to see Wim in Vancouver May 2017, we are beginning regular cold water therapy events taking place weekly!  If you are interested in the Wim Hof technique, but haven't practiced it in real life, this is an excellent opportunity to learn with others in a safe, supportive group setting.  An initial Dry land training event will launch this series where we will review techniques, discuss safety, and choose a regular meeting location and time that works for the group.

After each event, you can visit the website where we'll post people's experiences, over the weeks and months ahead.  Wim rarely gets to Canada, so these lead-up events are designed to help us all achieve the maximum benefits for this great event! 

Here is link to the event where you can find all the news related to our road trip in May: 

If you haven't heard of Wim, or his techniques for improved health and concentration, you can start here.  I feel the need to tell you - your life may be changed!

6:00 pm18:00

Get Bent! Yoga @ the Lofty Muse

  • Lofty Muse

We're happy to say, this Friday at 6 pm we welcome our first yoga event into our space - the Lofty Muse. A 60 minute Hatha practice lead by the lovely Harriet Rayson - our goddess in residence. Harriet's classes focus on breath, and movement with attention to creating and holding space in mind body and spirit. Prepare to be uplifted as we move the chi together! 

Cost: Class is by cash donation; $15 recommended, with any gift offering gratefully received. If you don't have the cash right now, don't sweat it, come anyway. All gifts received will be going to Harriet - in gratitude for her time and to welcome her to the Okanagan.

Etiquette: After the class, you are welcome to stay.  Have a tea, visit, or check out the loft, and observe your inner muse.  It is our desire that Lofty Muse events resemble the tide by honoring the time before, during and after each gathering. At the time you choose to leave, please do so in the same mindful manner in which you entered.

Closing: Yoga will take us to 7 pm and at 8 o'clock the event will formally close.  If you are still with us, you may we exit formal, and enter casual. Maybe Dalai Lama. Maybe Rodney Dangerfield. ;-) (SYOS. Supply your own Supplicant.)

*Please RSVP if you will attend, as space is limited.  The first 6 responses will have a place reserved for them. Come and play! Namaste!

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